Apply: AVG Grow

Have a functioning MVP and looking to scale and generate revenue? Apply with your product or business to potentially receive pre-seed capital for your venture. We accept two to four every semester into our incubator program, where founders receive guidance on many aspects of business development.

Apply and Grow

Apply: AVG Build

Looking to work on one of our ventures? Apply to AVG Build to join our team to directly work on student-run ventures. Positions within AVG Build include business, marketing, and technical positions. Apply your skills in business, technology, and marketing and work hands-on with funded startups.

Apply and Build

Apply: AVG Invest

Looking to gain experience in company evaluations? Apply to AVG Invest to collaborate with us in selecting the optimal student-ventures to receive funding. After the “Growth” application period ends, Invest consultants will have the opportunity to work with AVG to expand its external portfolio, providing input on AVG’s investments in private companies such as Affirm, 23&Me, and more.

Apply and Invest