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Starting a business isn't easy, so why not utilize every resource at your disposal? We aim to provide everything you need to make a good idea into reality.

We partner early and are comfortable with the early instabilities of startups.

There are many factors that determine whether a business becomes a success: a good idea, organization, timing, and execution. However, when time comes to scaling and questions become more difficult to answer - we want to be there along your side and are confident in our ability to take on the rough imperfections of a new venture.

Azure Ventures Group Club is a venture advisory that accelerates startups in and around the Los Angeles area. We work with startups with clear go-to-market trajectories as pre-seed investors and strategic advisors. Each semester, we select a limited cohort of 2 to 4 early-stage startups through various recruitment channels. Azure Ventures Group Club directly provides pre-seed capital to these businesses, accelerating them towards revenue generation.

By providing pre-seed capital in early-stage startups, Azure Ventures Group Club allows entrepreneurs to drive their startups forward on the road to generate revenue. By increasing the liquidity available in the USC startup space, we pushentrepreneurs to create their own ventures. Our small check sizes introduce founders to the venture space, preparing them for future investment rounds; this allows startup teams to optimize expenditures while making the most impact on their company, an important aspect when raising capital.

Our expertise

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Legal and Financial Infrastructure

We support you through the many formalities of starting a business. By offering guidance on financial and corporate structuring, we can help set up your venture to minimize liability while maximizing success.


Do you need partnerships with other companies to help you jumpstart your product? Is your team searching for new talent? We've got you covered. We'll help you build and grow your business by leveraging the partnerships and connections we've amassed from our own ventures.

Development and Marketing

Building a technology product is daunting on its own, and getting it out there is even harder. Azure Ventures Group provides years of experience in development, marketing, and sales to ensure that your product is ready for release.


We've made sure that no matter what happens, you have a dedicated point of contact. Whatever timezone we'll work with you on anything that arises throughout the course of your launch and beyond. Don't worry if it's your first time, we’re here to support you in every way possible.

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Rishi Armstrong

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Leo Shipulya

Director of Operations
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Komal Patri

Director of Outreach
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James Wright

Director of Communications
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Steven Vorona

Director of Finance
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